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samples of work

Corporate ID - Logos, Stationery

You have less than 10 seconds to make a first impression – make it count. Your corporate logo is the first step and of paramount importance in establishing your corporate image at a glance.

Corporate image should never be treated casually. It should be treated consistently throughout all your marketing materials and protected aggressively.

Let us help you create a new logo or refresh one that is dated. We can show you how a logo will look on stationery, signs, trucks, and other media in which your company logo must appear.

WMT, Inc. Logo Design & Stationery

Sol Provider Logo Design & Stationery

Gallery 293 Logo Design & Stationery

Changing Directions Logo Design & Stationery

Coopersville Area Chamber of Commerce, Community Profile & Business Directory

Print Collateral

Whether your company is large or small, its image is important to you, your employees, and your customers. If you don't portray a professional image - you've immediately lost the battle.

We create a wide variety of print collateral for product and general marketing presentation purposes, including brochures, flyers, invitations, and maps.

Coordinating a variety of elements around a single theme can enhance any marketing project, product rollout or trade show presentation.

Nuvar Manufacturing New Business Development Brochure

Northern Contours Capabilities Brochure

Strategic Advantage Capabilities Brochure

Guilford of Maine Sales Amenities Catalog

USF Holland Employee Newsletter

West Michigan Taxidermy (WMT) brochure
(pdf format - click on image to see full brochure)

Download free adobe reader here

Technical Manuals and Illustrations

Accurate and easy-to-follow technical manuals are crucial to your customers' satisfaction and to reduce your company's product liability exposure.

We are experienced at making sure manuals communicate clearly and accurately, as well as reflect the latest in product liability risk management terminology.

Vogelzang Technical Manuals

ChemMax Catalog

Challenge Machinery Technical Specs

Vehicle Recycling Partnership
(Jeep XJ Illustration)

Grand Sport Engineering - Illustration

Grand Sport Engineering - Logotype

Sample Wood Vase

Web Sites

With the development of the internet, the user took control of the sales message. When attention is measured in seconds, a professional image is of paramount importance. You can no longer dominate a conversation, and any sense of manipulation will send your viewers scurrying or worse yet, flamming you, your product or your company. You MUST take control of the situation yet provide relevant content.

The internet has changed how we do lots of things but one thing which hasn't changed is the importance of "marketing" when thinking of your web site design. Remember this key: content is KING. You need to have content that emphasizes your targeted keywords and holds your viewers attention. An immediate professional image is a must. Graphics and animations are great, but they need to enhance and support your basic message, not be glitzy for the sake of glitz or drive your viewers away.

We're marketing people who have internet and web page design experience using HTML - simple and inexpensive for a company that merely needs a web presence that is informative, looks good, and manuevers easily.

We also have a network of sources who can provide high-end interactive site design, Flash, and other special web design capabilities for those with more technological needs for their web sites.

Aim Tool & Die

ChemMax Corporation

WMT Inc.

Greenwave Hydroseeding

#1 Skid Steer

Village Green of Grand Haven

Wire EDM Technologies

Sales Training and Sales Incentive Tools

Slide shows, overheads, training manuals, videos or interactive CDs can help you communicate essential information to sales staff, dealers and distributors, and others. Make sure your training materials are the best they can be.

And, sales incentives must be noticed by your sales force, and perceived to be desirable and attainable. Sometimes what the home office considers a good "incentive" is shrugged at or overlooked in the field.

Herman Miller Organic Planning Seminar Sample

Herman Miller Try-a-Chair Dealer Promotion

Burdick & Jackson Distributor Training Materials

Burdick & Jackson Distributor Vegas Sales Contest Postcards

Burdick & Jackson Distributor Vegas Sales Contest Newsletter

Trade Shows, Events, and Specialties

Trade shows and special events can touch your key audiences in ways that no other medium can achieve.

The proper display materials, signs, giveaways, event invitations and other support materials set the tone you want your customers to take away with them.

And, the behind-the-scenes show or event management can be a frustrating process - let us help you sort through the necessary steps.

Burdick & Jackson Trade Show Booth

HMI "Great Motorcycle Ride" Sponsor Gift Bag

HMI Metropolis Symposium Sponsorship

Reid Manufacturing

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